The Crystal Ship is a modern contemporary street art festival, docked in the Belgian city of Ostend this year.

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DisorderLine painted one of 25 giant murals in the centre of Ostend.

We we’re able to paint an awesome wall, 5×80 m, the side of the swimming pool building.

This modernistic building from the 1970’s by Ostend based architect Paul Felix provided an ideal surface to disorder!
Brown’s were chosen to blend in the environment of the square and turqouis-blue’s to pop a little.

The overall effect turned out to be a 4 dimensional mural painting.

Shadows and lights cast from the sun at different times of the day will influence the perception of the painting.

The length of the wall provided the need for different viewpoints. These are points of view used in the construction of various trompe l’oeil effects.

Even at night the artificial illumination by street lanterns provide yet another different view.

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