DisorderLine Artist Statement

From the writings of “The Bushido of the Can” :


A thought that often crosses my mind while gazing upon these artpieces,

is that the general attitude towards the creation of these,
in a way,

very much resembles the making of sandpaintings by Buddhist monks.

The Focus, the Absolute Nów,
where time and space become irrelevant,


This Inner State of Mind far outweighs in importance and significance
the eventual end result,
which can somehow néver be the main goal or motivation.

The Wall is abandoned,
the drawing in the sand,
meticulously worked out during mónths,

is immediately destroyed upon the very moment of finishing,
relentlessly swept away,

into sweet oblivion.

Spending fár more time creating,
than merely afterwards enjoying the tangible achievement.

The Inner Sublimation,
and finally,

Transformation is what it is all about,

in áll Art.

Without pride,
false claim or expectation,
doubt or regret.

Its temporary and relative character realising,
appreciating and embracing,

like a total loss of ego,

and being thankful for the Artist who is,
with évery painting,
more awoken,

shaped, and grown within oneself.

and thát alone,

is the Disorderline way.

I rest my case.

T1-K.O! aka The MetaCook




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Rapid Advice concerning DisorderLine